Buying & Selling

Bring us your quality used books!

Option 1:

We can give you store credit for the books you bring in. This is the best deal for you as you will receive aprox 25% of cover price as store credit. You can then use this store credit and apply it towards buying other books. Ask in store about details.

Option 2:

If the store credit isn’t going to work for you we can look at buying your books outright. This is aprox 10% of cover price.

Option 3:

Even if you don’t have books to bring to us we can still give you a deal. Start a customer card and we will start you on the Book club. What this means is, you buy 10 books of any type and we will give you a free pocketbook of your choice. You don’t have to buy the 10 books all at once, we will keep track for you.

Need to request a book?
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