A New Chapter at Fireside Books

Hello everyone.

Fireside Books is under new ownership so I thought we would make some introductions.

We are Brian and Jeannie Webber and we are the new owners of Fireside Books. I will be the one you see in the store most days and Jeannie will be supporting from behind the scenes as she has a fulltime career of her own. I’m happy to say that Richard, who has been with Fireside for the past 9 years, will be staying on.

I would like to thank Jennifer Wallington for the opportunity to buy Fireside Books. A lot of people have been asking what’s in store for her next. Well, she is turning the page and starting a new chapter( puns intended ). What happens in that chapter is yet to be written. Whatever she decides to do next we wish her all the best.  Jennifer will be making a plaque in memory of Stan and we will have that up in the store along with their picture.

Jeannie and I have been on the Island for over 25 years. I’ve always been West coast, growing up in Gibsons, and Jeannie’s roots are in Saskatchewan. We currently reside in Ladysmith but we will be moving to the Parksville area this year.

Both the Book Club and the Store Credit customer programs will remain in place  and we will honour what you currently have on your cards.

I look forward to meeting you on your next trip in.

All the Best,

Brian, Jeannie and Family

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